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Ultrasonic Transducer Options

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Elcometer has a wide range of transducers available for use with the Elcometer 205, 206, 206DL, 208 & 208DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges. When selecting a transducer, it is important to choose one which will meet the application, taking the following into consideration:

The type of material to be tested.
The design of the transducer probe.
The measurement range.
Whether the shape of that substrate is flat or curved or hard to reach.

Please note that transducers are consumables and wear out with use.

A range of frequencies and sizes is available to meet specific needs.
Straight and right angle transducers available as potted or microdot.
Potted Transducers: the transducer cable is fixed to the transducer head on the cable to be replaced quickly and easily. These are more suitable for surfaces with a greater curvature and have a smaller footprint.
High Temperature transducers: temperature up to 340° C ( 650° F) .

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